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Download our Revenue Diversity and Sponsorship Planner

Your Nonprofit Association’s Revenue.

Download our free Revenue Diversity and Sponsorship Planner to future-proof your nonprofit’s finances with diverse revenue streams and sponsorship opportunities.

Start Unlocking Revenue 
With Sponsorship

Diverse revenue streams — or a lack thereof — can make or break an association. If all of your eggs are in one basket, your revenue can be volatile, or prevent you from finding the funds you need to tap your organization’s full potential. Thinking strategically about sponsorship opportunities and launching partnerships that align with your association and your goals will unlock revenue you never thought possible.


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Download our Revenue Diversity and Sponsorship Planner

Are you ready to future-proof your association’s finances?

Start organizing sponsorship opportunities to unlock more revenue and secure your association with diverse revenue streams.

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In 2020, Talley was pivotal in saving us from going bankrupt.

Andy Hill, 
Former President, ISEV

At Talley, we pride ourselves on our tried- and- true, tailored approach to association management. Our team is committed to your success, whether that means helping with administrative management or diving into the nitty gritty to reach your goals. Whether you need support in a specific area, or full-service management to free up more time for leadership, our team works with yours to determine forward-thinking goals and scale associations collaboratively. We’re in this together.

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Talley staff are professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They have great institutional knowledge, are creative with their solutions, and are dedicated to serving our membership.

-Ye Tong, Former President, NCME

How to Use the Revenue Diversity and Sponsorship Planner

To help you access new revenue streams, we’re offering a free download of our Revenue Diversity and Sponsorship Planner to help associations start reaping the rewards of a strategic sponsorship program. We’ll walk you through all the steps we take with our association partners to identify, pitch, and launch sponsorships so you can start unlocking new revenue streams and build financial resiliency.

Step 5: Pulling it all together

After you lay the strategic groundwork, it’s time to execute your sponsorship opportunity. Our checklist will guide you through the launch process and help you find success with sponsorships.

Step 2: Program Analysis

In this step, we’ll walk you through important considerations to reflect on as you develop your sponsorship plan. Follow our brainstorming questions and start writing down your thoughts for potential sponsorship opportunities.

Step 3: Getting buy in from your board

Next, as you solidify your plans and make your way through the preparation process, it will be important to get buy in from your board, or any other governing body. With our planner you can plan how to pitch your sponsorship opportunities to your board, anticipate their questions, and collaborate with their input. 

Step 4: Finding and securing sponsors

Once you have the support of your organization and a clear sponsorship opportunity to pursue, it’s time to talk to potential sponsors. We’ll walk you through the steps of evaluating your current relationships and exploring new ones.

Step 1: Getting Started

Get started by understanding the importance of sponsorship programs and learn how you can set up an effective program that helps ensure your organization's financial future.